Why update the Open Space & Trails Master Plan?

The Town of Breckenridge and the Open Space and Trails Department finds itself amid significant opportunities as well as challenges, including increased demand on trails and open space resources, climate change impacting natural resources, increasing land value, development pressures, and unique demands during tourist seasons. Since the Open Space and Trails program was created in 1997, the Town has acquired, maintained, and protected a wide variety of resources and community amenities including 4,900+ acres of open space primarily located in the Upper Blue watershed. Additionally, the town manages 60+ miles of multi-use trails and 130 trailheads and portals, providing 80% of homes in Breckenridge with trail access within ¼ miles of their individual properties.

As a result of this diligent effort, the community and visitor interest in these amenities has continued to increase over the years and shows little sign of slowing.

The Town of Breckenridge Open Space & Trails Master Plan will summarize the existing program, consider current and future challenges, define a vision for the next ten years of land protection and management, and outline a suite of tools and decision- making strategies for the community.

The purpose Master Plan that will proactively prepare the Town with the right kind of decision-making tools and guidance to efficiently operate and maintain the existing resources and set a vision for the next 10+ years of delivering high quality experiences for the community in line with their values and goals.

At the core of this initiative is securing community buy-in for the alignment of community, stakeholder, and Town goals. The overall goal would be to maintain the Town of Breckenridge’s unique identity while maintaining a well-balanced approach to land stewardship and recreational access.

"We want to make sure we are thinking ahead to take care of our properties, build sustainable trail connections, and continue to acquire land where available to meet the needs of our community."

Anne Lowe - Open Space & Trails Manager

Project Timeline


JULY 2021

Public Engagement

AUG - NOV 2021

Analysis & Evaluations

AUG - NOV 2021


NOV - DEC 2021

Implementation Plan

JAN - FEB 2022

Open House

March 3, 2022

Report Writing

FEB - APR 2022


JUNE 2022

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