Project Team

Town Staff

The Town of Breckenridge Open Space & Trails staff will work closely with the consultant team, BOSAC and the community at large to develop the new Master Plan.

  • Anne Lowe – Open Space & Trails Manager
  • Tony Overlock – Open Space and Trails Operations Supervisor
  • Zara Hickman – Open Space & Trails Coordinator
  • Scott Reid – Director of Recreation
  • Joel Dukes – Open Space & Trails Lead

Project Ambassadors

The Breckenridge Open Space Advisory Council (BOSAC) is made up of representatives from key areas of the community. BOSAC will serve as ambassadors in the Master Plan process with a large emphasis on public engagement.

BOSAC Members

  • Matt Powers
  • Duke Barlow, Chair
  • Ian Hamilton
  • Nikki LaRochelle, Vice Chair
  • David Rossi
  • Chris Tennal
  • Erin Gigliello (Town Council Appointment, 2021-2022)

Consultant Team

The consultant team, led by DTJ Design, will work closely with the town staff, ambassadors and residents to develop the master plan. DTJ Design has assembled a project team, specific to Breckenridge, with key specialists to support the process.

DTJ Design is the project lead and provides architecture, planning and landscape architecture services by using an integrated and collaborative planning/design approach.
ERO Resources is the environmental lead and provides expertise in habitat conservation, open space management, recreation planning and trail system design.
BBC is a sub-contractor to DTJ and is responsible for reviewing and planning the budgetary and fiscal elements of the Master Plan, which includes identifying baseline conditions, defining strategies and tools to assist with budgetary planning, and identifying additional funding sources.
CivicBrand will lead all project branding and communications as well as public engagement efforts ensuring a comprehensive and equitable approach to public engagement.

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