Open Spaces

The Town of Breckenridge acquires and conserves open spaces that are predominantly undeveloped and set aside for recreational, ecological, or aesthetic purposes. These spaces provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and wildlife observation, while also serving as a vital habitat for native plants and animals. Open spaces contribute to the overall health and well-being of communities by offering places for relaxation, exercise, and social interaction.

Native Plants / Invasive Species

Native plants play crucial roles in supporting local ecosystems, providing food and habitat for wildlife, stabilizing soils, and contributing to the state’s natural beauty. Protecting and preserving Colorado’s native flora is essential for maintaining biodiversity and the overall health of its ecosystems. Opposite, invasive species are non-native organisms that are introduced to a new environment, where they rapidly reproduce and spread, causing harm to native species, ecosystems, and economies. In Breckenridge, invasive species pose significant threats to the town’s diverse landscapes and wildlife.

Noxious Weeds

Field Reports

Each year our teams of naturalists and trail technicians produce annual reports on wildlife, visitor use, and a summary of all the trail maintenance and construction completed throughout the year. These reports are a valuable way for staff to track and communicate trends, challenges, and successes in managing the Town of Breckenridge’s natural areas. These reports typically include data on wildlife populations, habitat health, and visitor numbers.

2023 Field Report

Living with Wildlife

Living with wildlife in Colorado offers unique opportunities to experience and appreciate the state’s rich biodiversity. However, residents (and visitors!) need to understand how to coexist safely and responsibly with these animals. This includes keeping a respectful distance from wildlife to avoid stress or aggression and respecting seasonal closures or restrictions to protect nesting or breeding animals. By adopting practices that prioritize wildlife conservation and minimize human-wildlife conflicts, Coloradans can enjoy the natural beauty of their state while ensuring the health and safety of both wildlife and communities.


State of the Open Space

The State of the Open Space report provides a comprehensive overview of the current status and management of open spaces in and around the Town of Breckenridge. It typically includes detailed information on the condition of open space areas, trends in land use and conservation efforts, as well as data on visitor use and recreational activities.

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