1) Keep your pup on a maximum 6-foot leash.

Enjoying the outdoors with furry friends is a great way to get you and your pet some exercise! Spring can be a sensitive time for wildlife. A leash can help your dog stay a safe distance from wildlife and other visitors. Keep your pet on a maximum 6-foot leash.
No matter how well-behaved you think your dog is, he or she may not be able to resist chasing after deer, squirrels, other dogs, or even children.
Read more about the safety benefits of making sure your dog stays leashed here at Colorado Park’s and Wildlife’s website – Why should you keep your dog on a leash?

2) Properly dispose of pet waste.

Owners are responsible for the proper removal and disposal of pet waste in a dumpster or trash receptacle. Always carry a few plastic bags with you. ​ Remember there is no such thing as the poop fairy! #CareforColorado and pick up dog waste and pack it out to a trash can. Check out this video from Leave No Trace to understand why this is so important here.

3) Ensure that your pet’s vaccinations and license are up to date and that your pet is wearing I.D. tags. ​​​

Be proactive and vaccinate your pet: protect your pet from other pets or wildlife that may not be in good health. In addition to your pet’s I.D. tags, having a current photo on hand is also recommended.

4) Come prepared with food, water, and shelter.

Be sure to bring bedding or a plastic tarp for your pet, as well as food and plenty of drinking water. Pets that drink from streams or lakes may consume bacteria that could make them sick.

5) Be aware of potential wildlife conflicts.

Park staff can also provide tips to keep you and your pet safe and warn you of potential dangers such as mountain lions, moose, or rattlesnakes in the area.