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The Trails

Hike, bike, or ride! Breckenridge boasts over 100 miles of trails for all skill levels. From family strolls to challenging climbs, find your perfect adventure. Our network includes trails through meadows, routes up mountains, as well as accessible/interpretive options.

Trails Type Length Status
Aspen Alley 1.25m Good
B-Line .5m Good
B&B Trail 1.5m Good
Backdoor 1.2m Good
Barney Flow .4m Good
Barney Ford 1.6m Good
Betty’s Trail 1m Good
Bloody Knuckles .6m Fair
Carter Park .3m Good
Claimjumper .75m Good
Corkscrew .5m Good
Discovery Ridge 1.3m Good
Galena Ditch 3.7m Good
Hard Luck .7m Good
Hermit Placer .9m Good
Illinois Creek 1.6m Good
Jack’s Cruel Joke .4m Good
Juanita .9m Good
Lower Flume 1.6m Good
Middle Flume 2.2m Good
Mike’s Trail .5m Good
Mineral Hill 1.4m Good
Hiker’s Gold .4m Good
Minnie Mine 1.25m Good
Moonstone .5m Good
Nightmare on Baldy .9m Good
Pence Miller 1.1m Good
Prospect Gulch Trail 1.6m Good
Red Pig .8m Good
Sidedoor 2m Good
River Trail 3.75m Good CAUTION: Dangerous river conditions, please use caution and stay on trail.
Slalom .8m Good
Trollstigen .2m Closed Currently being retrofitted for accessibility purposes.
True Romance 1.2m Fair
Turk’s Trail 1.6m Good
V3 .9m Good
Upper Flume 3.2m Good
Warrior’s Mark .5m Good
Weber Gulch .8m Good
Wellington Bike Park .4m Good
Wellington Trail 1.75m Good
Wire Patch 1.1m Good
X10U8 .75m Good
ZL 4.4m Good
Trails Key
Out and Back/Point to Point

Trail Etiquette

When hitting the trails, it's essential to follow basic hiking etiquette to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. Reduce noise levels to preserve the tranquility of nature and respect wildlife by observing from a distance. Pack out all trash and Leave No Trace of your visit. Lastly, stay on marked trails to protect fragile ecosystems and prevent damage to vegetation. By practicing good hiking etiquette, we can all enjoy the great outdoors responsibly.
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Quandary Peak & McCullough Gulch Trip Information

DoQuandary Peak (14,265 ft) is one of the easiest and most accessible Fourteeners in Colorado. Located on Hoosier Pass, at the convergence of the Ten-Mile Range, Mosquito Range, and the Continental Divide, this popular peak is only 20 minutes from downtown Breckenridge and around 2 hours from Denver. The summit treats those who reach it with panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, making Quandary Peak an unforgettable experience for anyone seeking the beauty and thrill of Colorado's high country.
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